Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Lazy Weekend....

I have done absolutely nothing ALL weekend... right now I'm sitting in Starbucks... people watching and enjoying FREE WIFI LOL... no phone calls, texts or social media has been just what I needed to unwind, clear my head and reflect...

I did snap a couple pics out of boredom...

Here they are :)

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend...

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

Saturday's Look:

What I Wore Saturday:
Denim Crop Jacket - Old Navy (Very Old)
Dress - F21 $13
Wedges - Ross $14.99

Sunday's Look:

Ugh.. got mudd on my shoes...

What I Wore Sunday:
Denim Crop Top - Rue 21 $4
Dress - Old Navy via Cross Roads Trading $8
Shoes - Charlotte Russe $10


  1. It's really great to take some time out for yourself and not worry about anything. I've been enjoying sitting outside with a drink lately and just enjoying the sun, too!

  2. Hi Ida... yes it sure is.. It's NECESSARY.. Enjoy your weekend/week Doll :)

  3. great pictures love both outfits!

  4. I love the cut on the first dress and I love the pair of shoes you wore for today's outfit.
    One of these days I'm going to unplug from social media. I might do it during finals time.

  5. Aww don't you just love weekends like those? All unplugged. I feel like when I get back to the internet, nothing has even happened haha. Love the cut of the first dress!

  6. Ok, so now I see that you just don't take a break from looking great! I love both outfits - those dresses are fabulous!

  7. I love both looks. Your hair looks amazing!

  8. Clearly I need to step my dress game up!! You are killing it! Love both looks. I love having downtime during the weekends...its my time to think about me and only me lol.



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