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  I've Been Tagged: Random Facts About Me

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11 Random Things About Me…
1. I was born in Jackson MS and that is where my a majority of my family resides.
2.  I have a birthmark shaped like the United States.. or maybe a pork chop.. lol
3. The smell of cucumber sandwiches makes me gag.. UGGGGHHHHH... i can smell them now... YUCK
4. I can't pronounce the word Vulnerable...
5. I'm a Vampire Fanatic... I LOVE any movie or show that has Vampires!!!
6.  One of my biggest fears is falling and knocking out my teeth.. I literally have nightmares about this happening.
7.  I'm afraid of heights, bugs, and scary movies.
8.  Interior Design is one of my passions... I think design and fashion are closely related and I'm inspired from decor as well as fashion.
9.  I have two pet children (doggies).. Pepper and Max
10. Hawaii is on my bucket list of places to visit.
11.  If I were rich.. I'd own every pair of Christian Louboutin

Khalilah's  Questions For Me:

1.         Imagine you step purposefully on a highly polished and brightly lit runway immediately upon exiting your front door. What is the theme music that accompanies your every step and what designer are you donning?

My theme music would be "Moves Like Jagger by "Maroon 5" I LOVE THAT SONG and i'd be wearing Roberto Cavalli.. I love his use of animal print it's always sexy and vibrant and hugs the curves.

2.         What is your favorite color combination to wear?

Right now it's anything combined with animal print or Leopard Print.. I think Leopard print is the perfect accompliment to make a ensemble sexy and chic.

3.         What current song makes you want to poke your own eyes out?

Any of this ignorant rap music today.. UGH gets on my nerves.. what happened to real Hip Hop!!

4.         What has been the happiest moment of your life (a moment you could cheerfully relive over and over)?

Since I have yet to have children or marry, I'd say the happiest moments of my life have been spent with my close friends sharing in their wonderful life experiences and the birth of all my neices and great niece.

5.         Do you believe in ghosts?

I do believe ghosts (more so spirits) exist, and when I was a child saw my Father's ghost.Je passed away when I was 6 years old and I think he is with me still to this day.

6.         What was the first car you owned?

A Hyundai Excel...
7.         What is the most money you have spent in one trip on a shopping expedition?

          Maybe $500 in one store, as far as shopping for clothes

8.        What is your overall philosophy in regards to fashion?

Fashion is personal and unique to each person, one's style should always honestly reflect their personality. We are all unique and should display that uniqueness. I know what works for me and my body and have developed my sense of style around what I feel I look my best in. It's a experience that should continue to evolve. Mostly I think you should have fun with fashion and enjoy the variety that everyone presents.

9.         Where did you wear your last “having a moment” outfit and what did that awesome outfit consist of?
I haven't worn it yet actually, but I planned to very soon. I will save it as a surprize, but you will see it posted on my blog !!!
10.       What is your favorite make over movie?
Pretty Woman...can watch it over and over
11.       What is your opinion about students being mandated to wear uniforms to school? Are you for it or against it?
I don't have anything against uniforms if it helps parents afford their childrens education, but as far as highschool, I think it shouldn't be mandatory. I know that's when I began to come into my own as far as dressing up and developing my sense of style. Highschool is the beginning of most young womens fashion obsession LOL.. you can finally express yourself, so I wouldn't have wanted to wear a uniform daily to school.

My questions for the LUCKY Tagged Fashionista's

1. How would you describe you fashion style.

2. What accessory can you NOT live without and why?

3.  Why did you start your blog?

4. If money were not a object what would your splurge on?

5. Who are your top (favorite) designer(s) and why?

6.  What celebrity style do you most admire?

7.  Does your body image deter you from wearing certain clothing?

8.  What is your most prized clothing item?

9. Do you collect certain accessories or clothing?

10. Are you a Jackie O' or Marilyn M.?

11.  What inspires your daily fashion choices?


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  1. I totally agree. Leopard print is my favorite right now!!! That song is currently my ringtone. It just makes me want to dance! I got the moves like Jagger. Moves like Jagger!! Ooooooooooh ooooooohhhhh ooooooooh! BTW, I like Vampires too.

    With Class & Sass,

    1. Lol.. This was fun, thanks for tagging me :), and YES I love that song every time I hear it I just bust into dance haha, it one of those feel good songs ! I'm so glad I'm not the ion,y vampire fanatic haha I can't wait for True Blood to air again!

  2. LOVE me some Maroon 5!!! I was born in Clarksdale, MS, LOL...small world.

  3. you look amazing
    & nice blog dear
    pls look also at mine and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen


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