Friday, August 3, 2012

Lime & Aqua

It's the Weekend Bay Bay...

Happy Friday Dolls, I'm so happy the weekend has arrived. I have so much to do in a short time. Big changes are taking place and it's an exciting NEW time in my life. With all the packing, organizing and planning comes bits of stress and frustration, but those feelings are completely over shadowed by whats to come :). 

Today I'm wearing a Lime and Aqua color blocked high/low dress from F21. Purchased this in Indianapolis before my trip to New Orleans, didn't get to wear it while there, but it's perfect for the 90 plus temps today. It feels great on, easy and breezy.  I'll be dodging the sun all day in the lil number LOL.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe weekend :)


~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Dress - F21 $24.80
Shoes - Bakers (Old)
Earrings - Body Central $3.90


  1. Very pretty dress! Love the colors. I also love how you wore a nude shoe with the dress. Great way to allow the dress to be the show stopper!

    You got me all anxious to hear about what's to come!! LOL!! I wish you nothing but the best in everything that's on the horizon for you! =D

    1. Thanks so much Ticka :)... Soon very soon I will be revealing the great news :)

  2. Love the aqua+yellow. plus looks great on your complexion..Been following you for a while. Love ur blog. The shop from my closet section is wonderful. Do u ship to South Africa ( :


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