Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wonderful Weekend...

This weekend I celebrated my one year blog anniversary on a Fun dinner date night with my honey. He took new to BoneFish Grill for the first time and the food was delish!  I enjoyed the Bang Bang Shrimp. And the Fintina Pork Chop dinner... I can not wait to go back again.

Saturday morning we woke up and hit the gym to work off some of that yummy food.

Sunday we attended church and truly enjoyed the service at New Beginnings Fellowship Church here in Indianapolis...  It has been a beautiful weekend indeed.


  1. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
    You guys looked great!

  2. Happy you're enjoying your new season...Some hate that seasons end but forget that new seasons begin. When you focus on your own season then you get to beam just like you're doing now. Keep on hun! NEW SEASONS...

  3. You guys make me smile!!!! I am sooo happy and excited for the both you… I have never eaten there I guess the hubby and I will have to add that on our list of EATS!

    Thanks for sharing… God Bless!


  4. Happy 1st anniversary, hopefully you'll continue sharing your stunning style on the interweb :D
    The jumpsuit looks great on you


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