Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Baaaaaccccckkkkk.....

It's been way to long since I last posted to my blog. In the past few months so much has changed with me and my life. In June I relocated to Dallas, Texas and have been on fast forward establishing myself in my new city every since I arrived. 

I feel like I have lived here for years already and it's only been a few short months. I have met some great people, formed some close friendships and am really enjoying putting down roots here in Dallas!!  I must say this has been the best decision I have made in my adult life.  Everything hasn't been cake and ice cream easy, but it's been worth the challenges. A fresh start, stepping outside of my comfort zone, moving strictly on FAITH.has really shown me how strong and capable I am, putting fear aside and letting GOD lead my path.

 I left a great job, that I held for nearly 14 years, without any prospects of employment, and although I knew a few people here prior to moving, I didn't have any family or close friends here. I researched cities to relocate to for about 3 months prior to my move. Dallas just felt right! I had to make a decision and the anxiety of going to my boss to resign from my job was probably the hardest thing I've had to ever do. Once I got the nerve to finally resign, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to proceed with my plans to relocate.

June 6,2014 was my last day at work, by June 23rd I was packed up and on my way to Dallas! I made the 18 plus hour drive alone with only the company of my pups "Max and Pepper". It was so surreal... almost like I wasn't even driving myself, but floating through city to city, state to state... It took me a day and a half to make it from Chicago to Dallas.  I took my time, stopped when I was tired, stayed overnight at a hotel to give myself time to rejuvenate for the next day of driving. By the time I made it to Dallas I was so excited that I wasn't even tired anymore. I arrived on a Saturday afternoon, drove to my hotel and ate and showered and let the pups stretch their legs, then headed to my new apartment to pick up my keys.  

I haven't regretted my decision yet! I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I hate to LET GO and LET GOD !! 
I've never felt so accomplished for facing a fear and taking a chance for my life and well being. I'm thankful for those that helped me along the way and supported my decision to move. I'm blessed to have met such wonderful friends... really family here that are my support system and have my back.
Life is Great and I haven't taken one bit of this experience for granted.

Here are some pics of my experience here in Dallas... 

The lovely card I received from my Apt Community

Everything I had packed to capacity in my car...

Loft Bedroom
One Closet... I have to make it work

The Movers arrived two weeks later...

The beautiful canal I walk my dogs along almost daily

 If you follow me on Instagram @prettydarkgirl you can see all of my outfits "OOTDs" up until now... here are some of my highlights from my time when I arrived here and just hanging out with new friends...

These are some of my favorite people and great friends...

In August I celebrated my 40th birthday in Sunny Puerto Rico...

This is just the beginning to a wonderful life here in Dallas... In a short time i've created some unforgettable memories and I'm so excited to see what is to come...

I will be back to my OOTD posts starting tomorrow :)

~ Toni ~


  1. Congratulations on your move.

  2. Congrats Toni! I've silently followed your blog and am glad to see you back! LOL Quite a few years ago, I too packed up along with 2 kids and made that same leap of faith. Only I moved to the east coast (DMV). I absolutely loved it and felt at home instantly! I look forward to reading your updates and wish you nothing but happiness in Dallas. Congratulations on your move!

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear that you had a great experience as well, I'm still in the early stages of settling in bit so far so good. Thanks for still following my blog as well.

  3. I'm very glad that things are working out for you. BTW you look stunning in a bikini! Such a sexy body! ;) x x

  4. I'm so happy to have you Fashion Scents back on the blog. You've been missed!

  5. What a great story. I too will be stepping out on faith to leave my job if 9 years, sold my house and will be packing uo to make the move to Dallas too! I'm so excited and trusting God that I too will find my way just as you did. Congrats to you and what a blessing that you found yours! I only hope to meet great people too...

    1. Thank you Nicole. You definitely will be so much happier that you made a choice and didn't let fear hold you back or not wanting to leave your comfort zone. I don't regret one moment I've had here in Dallas. God is a Awesome God!! He won't lead you down the wrong path, so come girl.. Dallas is waiting for ya :)


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