Saturday, September 17, 2016



Been gone WAY to long. Nearly a year since my last blog post. 2016 has been a challenging year!! Life has thrown me for loops, tossed me back and forth and dropped me on my head this past year, but I'm finally feeling like I'm headed for a New Start in a better direction. 

I actually missed blogging.. it was my therapy playing dress up. I haven't completely fallen off the grid, I did maintain my FaceBook and Instagram (@prettydarkgirl) posts for the most part. Glad to get back on here and see some familiar faces and many New ones. Blogging hasn't lost its luster for you all so I'm coming back into the fold.

Here are some looks from Summer until now. Hope my readers are still out there and haven't completely forgotten about lil ole me. 

~ Toni~

August 23rd ~ My Personal Holiday
My Birthday !!!
Express - BodySuit and Highwaist Denim
Forever 21 BodyChain

July 2016
SheInside Top
H&M Short
Nordstrom Rack Sandal

July 4th Weekend
Forever 21 Maxi Dress - OLD

June 2016
Zara Denim Maxi
Forever 21 Body Chain

June 2016
Choies Romper
Nordstrom Rack Sandal

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  1. What a coincidence! Just happened to check out your blog and you posted these beautiful pictures. Yes its been too too long! Glad to see u are looking as gorgeous as ever though. No way could we forget about you. You look fantastic in these outfits, in fact you look so good I went over to instagram to see what id been missing, especially when I saw that first picture. WOW!! Do u look GOOD in that orange body suit and denim. U look absolutely breathtaking. Looking forward to your future posts. Kisses x x x ;) ;)


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