Friday, January 6, 2012

Velour ~ N ~ Leopard Accents

Happy Friday Ladies...

Why does the short work weeks always seem the longest LOL... I'm happy it's Friday, the first week of the new year has been busy but great! I got back into my work out regimen (worked out 4 days already) and I'm feeling more energized and excited about what's to come for 2012. I have high expectations for myself this year and plan to work hard to accomplish all the goals I set for myself. 

What specific goals if any do you have for YOURSELF this year?

Today i'm wearing a Oldy but Goody LOL... i've had this cognac velour blazer for years, think I purchased it from the GAP, it never goes out of style, and I look forward to when the weather cools off to wear it. Paired with my leopard scarf, dark denim and Knock Off JC Lita platforms.. i'm feeling casual and chic today.  It's gonna be a busy day today so I better get to it.

Have a great day and weekend :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Leather Trench - Nine West (OLD)
Velour Blazer - The GAP (Old)
Jean - Ralph Lauren (TJ Maxx)
Shoes - No Name (Go Jane)
Scarf - H&M
Accessories - Random


  1. I love that blazer! Such a rich and pretty color! I also like how you tie your scarves in bows. I think I will try that! As far as goals, I would like to make a definitive decision if I will go back to school for another masters or my PhD. I REALLY want to find a local church home. Lastly, I want to join an organization to volunteer in the community. Whew! I'm tired just typing about it, LOL! Have a beautiful day and an even better weekend, chickadee!

    With Class & Sass,

  2. I love leopard print scarf with that blazer! It compliments each other. As far as goals or resolutions, I didn't make any because I do that from year to year and it never really turn out as planned, so this year I said that God knows me and the things I want and I am going to just pray for the grace to carry them out, taking each day, week, month one at a time! I know this is

  3. @ Khalilah... happy Friday Hun, those are great goals and I'm sure you will accomplish them as for school you seem very driven and determined, nothing can stop you but you :) I too want to find a church home and I currently mentor teen girls in a program called Sweetface it's one of the highlights of my life, i get as much from mentoring as the girls do, hope you find a great organization to join or create your own :) have a fantabulous weekend doll!

  4. @ Te'Res... Thanks for sharing sweety, and with God leading your steps there is nothing to big or impossible:) just stay determined and go hard after the things you are passionate about! Have a great one :)

  5. hi sweetie! i just found your blog, what do you think about follow each other?
    kisses from portugal

  6. of course! i'm following you now*****

  7. Hey sweetheart, you have a great blog! Love the outfit in every single post - you have such an amazing sense of style! Keep going!
    Check out my blog and follow me if you want, maybe you get inspired ;) xo from NYC

  8. @Pretty: This is a very cute/comfy look for the end of the work week. As for your shoes, I love anything with an animal print. LOL! Enjoy your weekend!
    @Style Bot: I'm literally 2 classes shy of my second masters - I officially finish my program in April 2012 and am so excited - regardless of which you choose, pursue it with all your heart, sould and mind....BEST WISHES!

  9. @ Teena.. Thanks Hunny Bunny :)

    @ Laura.. thanks Doll for the lovely comment and stopping by my blog, will definently return the favor and follow you :)

    @ Carte... thanks girly.. congrats on the soon completion of your 2nd masters degree.. WOW you ladies are awesome!! Keep Pushing Towards your Dreams and Goals.. there is not limit on your future :) Have a wonderful weekend..

  10. I love your Blazer & the nine west jacket you look great in both of them! very nice styling!

  11. The blazer looks sooo good! And the scarf is awesome!

  12. Ok I need that leather trench coat in my life! So nice! The heels are everything too!

  13. lovely and cool images. well done dear.

  14. Hey thanks for stopping by, I got them from BCBG!I love those JC copycats (lol) they are so cute.

  15. I love that velour jacket, very cute!

  16. This looks great in you!! Love the textures

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