Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thrill of the find.... Lastest Thrift Purchases

Just sharing some of the latest items I've thrifted over the past few months... i'm preparing for Spring and have found so many great items that fall into the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer.


Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

Target Dress

Vintage Pastel Floral Blazer

Vintage Skirt

Vintage Skirt

H&M Romper

Lilac Wide Leg Trousers

Pink Pastel Blazer

Light Blue Pastel Blazer

Vintage Pastel Stripe Dress

Vintage Dress

Vintage Pink/Gray Color Block Dress

Vintage Pastel Yellow/Gray Stripe Dress

Pretty Lace Detail Cut Out

Vintage Cream Sheer Dress

Vibrant Color....
Blood Red/Black Dress

Vintage Shirt Dress

Vintage Hot Pink Silky Dress

Vintage Dress

Vintage Polka Dot Pussy Bow Blouse

Vintage Golden Yellow Pencil Skirt

Wide Leg Fushia SLacks

Fun Multi Color Plaid Blazer

Color Blocking:

White Blazer and Yellow Pussy Bow Blouse

Vintage Houndstooth Strapless Dress and Blazer

Vintage Skirts and  Dresses
Suede Pencil Skirt

Vintage Cognac Leather Pencil Skirt

VIntage Khaki Trench Coat


Vintage Suit

Mint Green Vintage 3-pc Suit (Blazer, Skirt and Slacks)

Issac Mizrahi For Target Suit

Leather Blazer

I'm so excited for the weather to warm up so I can wear all of these great finds :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~


  1. You definitely scored big! While all of the pieces are great in their own way, I am totally coveting that blood orange dress, the pussy bow blouse and the (first green dress). Love, love, love them!

  2. I just love that floral blazer and the lilac slacks!! You really scored some great stuff.

    Editor & Chic

  3. Myyyyy gooodness girl! You are racking up! Chicago is gonna have to ban you from the thrift stores because you are getting all the goodies. I can wait to see how you style some of these items. I know you will look great as usual.


  4. I love the red polka dot blouse and the lilac pants. Nice haul!

  5. sistah I AM HOME, LOL. I am a vintage fanatic, to the bone. I recently started blogging, I will def start following. Take the time to stop by and say hi hopefully you will follow. Always, SOULBeautiful xx*s

  6. Great finds!


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