Thursday, February 2, 2012

Got That Feline Feeling.....

Happy Thursday Ladies...

I ain't gonna lie.. I'm kinda feeling myself today!! This leopard print pencil skirt is hugging the curves just right LOL.. Walked passed my mirror.. and said to myself "DAYUUM GURL" ahahaaa... Hey sometimes you got to compliment YOURSELF!!! If you feel good others will notice... right! 

Okay so about this Fit... you know it's from the thrift store.. by now you know how I gets down.. if it ain't thrift.. I don't want it LOL.. now this skirt was a rare find cause i've been searching high and low for a leopard print pencil skirt IN MY SIZE.. I found this one at Salvation Army along with the sweater!  Both were under $3 don't remember the exact prices. I've just been waiting to wear it, not sure why but today was the day to rock this bad mamma jama (OK Aging myself saying that lol).  The shoes are from the Jessica Simpson collection I posted about them a while back, I think the mix of snakeskin and leopard print go well together, and just gives the outfit a lil more pizazz instead of a all black heel or bootie.

Anywho.. I'm feeling GREAT (Toni The Tiger Voice) hope you are too :))

Have a Fantabulous Day!!!

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Skirt - SA Thrift
Sweater - SA Thrift
Belt - TJ Maxx
Shoe - Jessica Simpson
Jewelry - Random


  1. Love the skirt and heels combo. It looks so cute!! lol

  2. Love this outfit!

  3. Very Stylish as always! I absolutely love your hair!! Hair tutorial in the future???

  4. Owwww Owwwwwww!!!! I don't blame you for feeling yourself! Ya look hawt! I love the outfit! Even better that it's thrifted!

  5. Well, hello there bombshell! I was just posting about how much I adore pencil skirts. Can never go wrong with one...and leopard print? Extra added bonus. You look amazing and from the tone of your post you are absolutely DOING amazing. I guess I have no choice BUT to have a fantabulous day from this point forward if I weren't before...LOL!

    With Class & Sass,

  6. You deserve every compliment you gave yourself because this outfit is HOT! You definitely rocked it in the workplace today!

  7. I'm so loving your look its so chic & classy and those shoes are TDF! you loook wonderful!

  8. Very nice, I love that you mixed the animal prints. Always great when you find your size at the SA or the GW!

  9. Nice the skirt. I really like how you belted it with a skinny belt which gave a nice definition to your waist. I'm in love with skinny belts. :-)


  10. great outfit!!! I LOVE your shoes! your skirt too!

  11. You look awesome...and I need you to pass that skirt right on over to me ;-)

  12. My favorite combo leopard with a touch of gold.. tres chic

  13. looove those shoes miss !!!!!!!!!


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