Monday, February 27, 2012

Polka Dots ~ Pleats ~ Pearls

Happy Monday to ya... hope you had a great weekend :) I surely did, got to spend time with my Sweetface family and did some shopping and planning the last details of my upcoming vacation!! 

I picked up this pretty pink pleated skirt from The Limited it was $24.99 with additional 40% OFF !! I'd been looking for a pink skirt and this one fit my needs perfectly. I purchased a purple one too :), when I find something I like I usually buy it in multiple colors...that can be good and bad at times, but in this case I think it's good... Paired it with a thrifted polka dot sheer blouse and black wool vest I've had for years, Suede black pumps and a string of faux pearls.  I think this outfit is Secretary Chic LOL.. although I don't see many secretaries that dress up anymore :(.

Anywho... as always hope your day and workweek are off to a great start :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Blouse - SA Thrift $2
Vest - Banana Republic (Old)
Skirt - The Limited $9.99
Shoes - Bakers Shoes $15
Pearls - Goodwill $1.99


  1. Replies
    1. love it!!!

  2. LOVE look usual!

    Where are you going and when (vacation). I can't wait to see pictures on my page. :)

    1. Well just going to Florida for a quickie getaway :) still waiting for a fun trip to go on.. any suggestions ???

  3. AWWWW, such a fun and pretty look! Pleats and pearls go well together, the polka dots blouse makes it better though! :)

  4. You look great that skirt!


  5. I LOVE that skirt! I have a pleated skirt and it's burgundy. I'd love to have a pink one in my closet. *logs on to The Limited's website*

  6. Really cute! Love the skirt!

    xoxo (till next time)

  7. This is a great look; perfectly professional and chic at the same time!

  8. I love this look - the color of the skirt is soooo pretty - the vest give this outfit such a sexy look with the shape of the back.

  9. This is the cutest lil outfit!!!! And that skirt is to die for! Loves it!!!

    7eventh Letter

  10. I'm inspired!!!! I totally love all things pleated so this skirt is just amazing to me. Where r u headed for vacay?

  11. I think this look is absolutely gorgeous! I love the polka dots, I love the pleats and I love the pink!


  12. adore the pink pleats. Stunning! Always,SOULBeautiful xx*s


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