Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Errands...

What a lovely Weekend...

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful with great weather. I spent the weekend enjoying this nice weather and preparing for a new venture I will be telling you all about very SOON!! 

 I wore this cute denim dress today to run some errands. Since the sun was out shining bright I decided to wear these fun Golden Yellow tights. They were a big hit with the kiddo's at the mall. I had a couple curious little boys walk right up to me and give my tights a rub haha.. after their moms apologized  for their child's curiosity.. I heard one little boy say as she pulled him away "  Why does she have yellow legs"... that just made my day.. I laughed about it for a good minute.  Gotta love the kiddo's haha.

Enjoy the remainder of your evening :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Dress - SA Thrift $3.60
Tights - F21 $5.50
Shoes - Target (SA Thrift) $4


  1. oooh super cute love the colors the pictures are great.. would love to see you with your hair pulled back or parted in the middle I know Im bad at parting my hair to the side all the time you know when something works you kinda stick to it. but cute cute love non the less love it!!

    1. Thanks Jeimy... Girl I have a huge forehead LOL that's why I never wear my hair pulled back or parted down the middle, ago I stick with what works for me haha :) your hair is always so pretty too :)

  2. This is sooooooooooo fly! I love love love the denim mixed with the mustard tights! You look amazing! Kiah

  3. I love the denim and yellow tights!! Great pop of color!!

  4. I love!! this look! i'm all about the bright colors! By the way, saw the write up on Dark Girls Rock --> Wherk it Mama!!

  5. I love this and will be copying because I recently bought a chambray/denim dress from F21 and I have those same Target booties; however, mine weren't thrifted. Nope - unfortunate me had to pay the full price because I don't have access to those wonderful SA locations like you do. LOL!


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