Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Denim & Hounds Tooth Pencil Skirt

Wonderful Wednesday...

Think Wednesday is the best day of the week for me... it's the day I'm most settled. Mondays I'm working from home, but usually anxious about my commute to work early Tuesday morning..Tuesdays I'm dragging most of the day, Thursdays are long with my commute back home..Fridays I'm ready to wind down from a busy week. So Wednesdays have become the day I feel most relaxed...and it's HUMP DAY... Yeeaaaahhhh Baby LOL..

Anywho...  today I'm wearing a Oldie but Goodie Cream/Yellow Hounds tooth Pencil skirt I've had for many years now. It's funny cause sometimes it fits and most times its just a weee bit snug.. I won't lie, today I was surprised it fit just right :).  Wearing my treasured RL denim ruffle shirt I thrifted a few months ago and Cream Belt and Boots.  The weather is holding at a breezy 70 today, so no jacket required for today at least...

Wishing you a fantabulous Wednesday...


~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Denim Shirt ~ RL SA-Thrift
Skirt - Banana Republic (Old)
Belt - The Limited (Old)
Boots ~ Nine West (Old)


  1. Ok now! look lovely, how I love the denim top you can never really go wrong and this is very well done.

  2. Great deal of country chic here. Perhaps it's the combination of this shirt along with the boots. This is otherwise a great look for you. Très chic!

  3. Very cute, you almost have a 60's vibe going on!

  4. This skirt is everything! I don't think I've ever seen houndstooth in yellow. Always black and white. Thank you for the thoughtful comment on my blog I really appreciated it.

  5. Very cute! Nice twist on the regular black/white houndstooth pattern. I do love the detail on that denim top as well!

  6. very cute!!! Loving the shirt!!



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