Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leopard Repeat ~ Remix


Thanking God Its Thursday !!

Yes... you saw me wearing these same pants last Friday... I don't normally wear clothing back to back, but I love these Leopard print pants so much, I wanted to wear them to work. I just took them for a quick test spin last Friday to run a few errands.  I hate to waste a cute outfit haha.. like it doesn't really count if no one saw you in it..Anywho... I repeated and remixed these babies, dressed them up a bit with a sleeveless peplum top, red belt, blazer and my new Zara color block pumps.

The temps are back to Fa-Reeezing here so I apologize for the terrible quality of the indoor pics, but a girl gotta look cute and stay warm at the same dang time.

Wishing you all a fantabulous weekend, be safe if you will be out enjoying the Super Bowl Festivities!  GO RAVENS!!! I gotta a thang for Ray Lewis (mmm hmmmm... that is one fine man y'all) ... and I hope he takes the Championship as he plans to retire this year :) 

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~ 

What I Wore:
Peplum top - F21 $11.99
Leo Pants - F21 $22.99
Belt - Old
Blazer - Express (Old)
Shoes - Zara $19.99


  1. Qué guapa! Me encantan los complementos en rojo! Un beso!

  2. Yes, thank God it's Thursday. It feels like Friday for me, because I don't have classes on Fridays! :)

    Those pants are definitely cute! I like the how you styled it. Nice pop of color! :)

  3. You look awesome hunni!!! Love those pants!

  4. You look awesome... Well put together. I love it

  5. I love it! Those shoes are gorg! Yes mam...let's go Ravens! Ray is our hometown superstar! All the way from Lakeland to the Superbowl!!!

  6. You can never go wrong with Leopard!!!


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