Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap....

Good Tuesday to ya...

This past Friday I celebrated my birthday and I wanted to share some pics from my weekend. I enjoyed so much great food, time spent with my family and friends and was beyond blessed to see another year :). Birthdays are a time to reflect on where you are in life, what you have to be thankful for and appreciating those that show you love and acknowledge your "personal holiday" the date you entered this world. I have wonderful friends that I appreciate so much for always being there and celebrating with me. I adore my family who I love spending time with and just enjoying each others company. All in all I had a great day and weekend!!

Family Dinner at Texas Roadhouse....
Yep my Big Grown behind rode the Horse LOL

At Texas Roadhouse.. its mandatory to ride the Horse when celebrating a birthday!!! I had a blast with the family at dinner :)

Yeeeeee Haaaaawwwwww !!!

My beautiful girls.. Love my Nieces...
Me and all but one of my favorite nieces :)
Alexis, Felicity and Keshia... Love them !!

Felicity , Alexis and I..

She is growing up so fast only 3 but going on 21 hahaha...

Birthday Dinner Celebration ... at Japonais - Chicago, IL
My Appetizer and Main Course at Japonais
Top: Pankok Shrimp Sushi Roll
Bottom: Prime Short Rib

Happy Birthday To Me.. Dinner was delish! I had a wonderful time :)

Mel and Teena :)

Nickea *August Bday Girl and Sylvia came out :)

Jon and I

Jon, Mel, Teena and I

Kim, San and I

The Crew came out to celebrate with me at Japonais !!

Went to eat here for my Pre-Birthday Dinner.. I love the Fontina Pork Chop and Bang Bang Shrimp !!


  1. nice look dear I love your blue shirt kiss


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