Friday, July 20, 2012

H&M Body Suit ~ Khaki Vest & Denim

Good morning and Happy Friday to you all...

I want to begin by sending my  prayers to those in Aurora, CO who were victims of the senseless shooting at the movie showing for Dark Knight. It really saddens me to hear about people losing their lives, family and friends because of the evil act of a sick person. We are living in dangerous scary times, we have to continue to be prayerful and know that even in the worst of times, GOD is still mighty and will see us through when it seems unbearable. Again, Praying for the family of those who lost their lives and who suffered injury.

On another note, this weekend is my 20th High School Reunion. I can't believe it myself.. 20 years has already passed by since I graduated, and so much has changed. It will be really nice to see some old friends, catch up with people, and enjoy a fun filled weekend of events. I will be doing a post tomorrow showing some of the festivities and of course my outfit of choice :)

Today I'm wearing a Khaki vest from Old Navy, H&M Bodysuit and skinny jeans, stripe wedges from Charlotte Russe and random jewelry. Keeping it simple and comfortable. The weather has cooled down a bit and we've gotten a few days of rain, much needed...

Have a blessed and safe weekend :)


~Pretty Dark Girl~

What I Wore:
Vest - Old Navy $8.99
Jeans - H&M $9.99
Bodysuit - H&M $9.99
Wedges - Charlotte Russe $9.99
Earrings - Body Central $3.90


  1. I see here a lot of expression and character, I like!

  2. Love the outfit and those shoes are supercute!

  3. Hi there! I LOVE this outfit, the shoes are TDF! Are they a recent purchase? Been following your blog for a WHILE now, and LOVE your style. :)

    1. Hey Ms TexasRose... thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave they are truly appreciated :) and yes I purchased these shoes last week at Charlotte Russe on their clearance for $9.99, not sure if they are online or if other stores carry the same clearance. They a great dupe of the more expensive Steve Madden shoe :). Hope you can find them at your local CR or online :)

  4. I miss Charlotte Russe. I use to shop there for shoes a lot when I was in college. Love your style.


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