Monday, January 7, 2013

A Month of Styled Work Looks...

Happy First Monday of the New Year...

I have been trying to get back in the swing of blogging regularly and decided I would start doing a Month Look Book of Work/Office Looks. I commute to work from Indianapolis to the Chicago area Tuesday - Thursday every week and I have to plan out three days of work outfits. Normally I just  wait until Monday and pull some outfits together which causes me so much anxiety, being that I am SUPER particular about what I wear.  So to begin the new year, I've set some goals to 1. Shop my closet and not shop so often and 2. Actually wear ALL the clothes I already have.  My boo doesn't believe I can go without shopping for the next couple months until we go on vacation in March. I have made up mind and I will only be shopping my closet until March 11th !!!

When I pack for the work week, it helps to chose outfits similar in color scheme so I can wear similar shoes and accessories and not have to try to stuff over 3 pair of shoes in my small bag.  Here are some looks I put together for this month....

January WeeK #1
Green ~ Blue ~ White Color Scheme
Green Cowl neck Dress - Crossroads Trading Thrift
Crop Leather Jacket - Monroe Steele Closet Sale
Cobalt Blue Skinny Belt - F21

Green Silk Blouse - Thrift
Skinny Jeans - F21
White Trench - Zara
Scarf - Discovery
White Belt - F21
Vintage Peplum Dress - SA Thrift
Gold Belt - Old

January Week #2
Cream, Tan and Denim

Faux Vest - H&M
Denim Ruffle Shirt - SA Thrift
Faux Leather Shorts - LC for Kohls

Sheer Blouse w/Pearl Collar and Sleeve - Thrift
Shorts - The Limited - Old

Crop Peasant Top - Boo Hoo - Old
Vintage Highwaist Denim Skirt - SA Thrift
Random - Accessories

January Week 3
Vibrant Colors and Prints

Blazer - SA Thrift
Blouse - Go Jane
Pants - H&M

Sweater - TJ Maxx
Scarf - Walmart
Skirt - SA Thrift

Jacket - The Limited
Dress - H&M

January Week 4

Cobalt Blue Blazer - SA Thrift
Orange Pant - H&M
White Top - Thrift

Green/White Check Top - SA Thrift
Purple Pencil Skirt - SA Thrift
Belt - SA Thrift

H&M Peplum Dress
Belt - F21

These are some options I plan to pull for my work week, they will be worn .. probably not in the order and maybe not even this month LOL but now I don't have to stress over my work wardrobe.

Have a blessed week and evening

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~


  1. Girl you have great taste!!! I love these outfits!!!

  2. great idea great post great looks love the white shorts & fur vest...#blmgirl


  3. your taste is really so great. I like your all pictures. Every outfit is amazing

  4. planning what to wear in advance it saves so much time!
    well done with these looks

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. Yes it has really helped me and saves a ton of time :)

      Thanks Ylenia :)

  5. Great looks but I am loving that first scarf and that sheer blouse...they are everything!


  6. I adore all the looks!! I love the floral print pants!! You have such an eye for fashion! Some of the pieces I wouldn't have thought to put together.

  7. I love all the looks! Great eye!!

  8. Great job, wow! I need a dressform...I do know if I could ever plan out my outfits for the month but this is great inspiration.


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