Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cropped Denim and Leather

Happy Thursday
It is the first official day of SPRING...Even though the temps don't reflect it... I'm still glad the day has come. This has been one of the ALL TIME WORST winters in my life. The freezing temps, loads of snow... UGH Enough Already !!!
Today i'm wearing a Denim Crop Top that I DIY'd ... I cut this denim top to make it a crop fit and I love it. I've done this with several tops/shirts that I probably wouldn't wear anymore, but making them crop tops has given them New Life ! The skirt and leather trench are thrift finds from Salvation Army I've had for a while and the booties are from Bakers all are old pieces I've remixed.
Smile it's SPRING !!!
~ Toni ~


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