Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Cat...Little Dog...

My doggie Pepper decided to make his first blog appearance lol.. he would not go inside while I was taking my pics... :) <3 him ... today's outfit is a simple blouse that I found thrifting cost me a whole $1.50 and paired with my Ralph Lauren Jeans from TJ Maxx for $10. The leopard belt and shoes both from Bakers...are the Big Cat.. get it.. lol.. (i'm corny... at times).  Have a fabulous day everyone.. i'm off to work!!!


  1. HELLO! I just (today! LOL) discovered your blog, and I LOVE IT!!!! I will DEF. be following you!!! :)

    1. Hey Texas Rose.. thanks for stopping by Hun.. You went back to my early posts lol.. I have come so much further than this haha.. thanks for following, checking out your blog and will follow you back ;)


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