Friday, September 23, 2011

Latest Thrift Purchases....

I've gotten the hang of thrifting...and now I can't be stopped LOL.. i've found several thrift stores and Goodwill stores in my surrounding area and now frequent each of them and have found some great FINDS... I'm really into the 70's trend and those inspired pieces usually catch my eye first, then I look for wardrobe staples to incorporate into my wardrobe.

First some of my 70's favs...

This reminds me of the Brady Bunch LOL... Loved the flowers and colors

This is a great Camel Color Dress.. I can't wait to pair it with some Fushia accessories to make it really POP

I love this Wrap Skirt and plaid pattern is sooo 70's.. I plan to pair this with some over the knee boots, turtleneck, belt and maybe a floppy hat.. Get my Walona from Good Times On!!

Light Blue A-Line Skirt..

Two more great skirts.. Purple Pencil Skirt and Maroon/Berry pleated skirt...

Polka Dot Dress... This looks so good on!!

Stripped Blazer..that I will pair with Dark Skinny Denim 

Black Lace Dress

Love Love Love this Green Blazer and Matching Skirt

This Red Wool Jacket.. also has a matching skirt

The black/white blouse is thrifted, the leather leggings H&M, Belt F21... this is a sexy outfit I can wait to wear

Fabulous Berry Wool Coat... $5 Thrifted from SA

J Crew Coat - Thrifted at SA $4...Yes only $4 It needed a good dry cleaning, but look how Fab it is!!! Well worth the $4 :)

Another classic Trench coat Thrifted at SA for $5

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