Monday, October 24, 2011

Tweed Shorts and Vest ~ New Shoe & OOTD

It's Monday again.... Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was quiet didn't do much, it was actually really beautiful out upper 60's almost 70 out..  I organized my closet again.. been thrifting WAY to much.. not much room left in the closet LOL...

It's going to be nice today so I pulled out some tweed shorts (The Limited)  and tickets.. I paired them with this cashmere sweater vest (Banana Republic) and Vintage A-Symmetrical neck blouse (Salvation Army - Thrift). 

The shoe of the day is from Aldo.. I can't believe I haven't worn these in almost 2 years O_0... this shoe challenge has really been great.. and I've stuck with it.. which hasn't been that difficult.

Have a Great Day and Productive Week

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

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