Friday, October 14, 2011

New Day ~ New Shoe ~ Week 2 ~ Friday

Happy Friday Everyone :)))...

This has been a LONG week.. I missed two days posting but will make up for it this weekend.. I have some New Thrift Items i'm going to post and also try to make my first VLOG... bare with me LOL..

Today's Shoe is one of my Fav for Fall... It's a funky heeled Mary Jane shoe I picked up from Bakers Shoes a couple years ago.. You will see these paired with many outfits to come.. Indian Summer is officially Ova!! Time to break out the socks, tights and leggings for warmth.. I wore some cute ankle socks today...

Today's Outfit.. is Men's Wear Inspired with a girly twist.. I found this blazer at Salvation Army and it was 50% Off...spent $1.50 and the blouse was $2.99... I don't even need to go to the mall anymore.. I find everything I need thrifting!!!

What I Wore:
Blazer: SA Thrift $1.50
Blouse: SA Thrift $2.99
Jeans: Banana Republic (Owned for years)
Shoes: Bakers Shoes (Owned for years)

Happy Friday !! Have a Great Weekend :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

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