Monday, October 3, 2011

Personal Style Challenge: New Shoe Every Day ~ Week 1 ~ Monday

Hello.... Happy Monday :))

How many of you have TONS of shoes.. at least 100 pair or more.. but find yourself wearing the same 10 pair... while the other 90 plus pair sit in your closet just waiting to be worn LOL. WELL... I have decided to challenge myself to wear a different pair of shoes each day (Monday - Friday) for the entire month of October. I may extend into November seeing as that is really only 20 pairs of shoes. I have at least 200 pairs.. some are Spring / Summer.. so the weather may not permit me to wear them.. But October  shouldn't be a problem... I'm kind of excited to do this.. and see what outfits are inspired by each daily shoe choice... 

Week #1 - Monday's Shoe of Choice....

Steve Madden Peep Toe Bootie

MensWear Inspired Outfit

What I Wore:
Tie ~ SA Thrift
White Shirt ~ The Limit
Jacket ~ TJ Maxx
Pants ~ Express
Shoes ~ Steve Madden


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~ Pretty Dark Girl~