Thursday, April 2, 2015

Akara Print Skirt and Fringe Heels

Happy Thursday Everyone
I finally found a cute Ankare Print Skirt. I'd been looking for one for a while now, seeing a few of my blogger friends wearing the different prints had me drooling. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the intricate patterns. This skirt was actually part of a dress, the top portion of the dress wasn't a good fit on me, so I cut it at the waist and added a belt and Waaa Laaaa...
Now about these cute shoes... I'm LATE... cause I was sleep on JustFab and the cute shoes they have. I joined and got 5 pairs for less than $80!! Can you say ADDICTED! I already have A LOT of shoes.. but now i'm hooked... Oh Boy..
Hope you are having a great week... and welcome a wonderful Easter Weekend.
~ Toni ~
What I Wore:
Shirt - NY & CO
Skirt - Thrift Find
Shoes - JustFab
Belt - Random Boutique
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  1. I love the colour and pattern of the skirt. U look so sexy in those heels too! Wow u have gorgeous legs! ;) I like how colourful your recent posts are x x x

  2. Love the skirt and those shoes!!! I actually found your page cause I am thinking about getting them, but what to see how they look on other people's feet first!

    Mahogany Closet


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