Friday, December 9, 2011

Working From Home...

Day Two... working from Home...

 I am not complaining.. i'm grateful I have the option to do so... but it's HARD being stuck at home with no car... I actually get a lot of work done at home, I can keep on my PJs and work from the comfort of my bed, but today I needed the extra push so I got dressed in the brightest vibrant sweater dress I have LOL.. added loads of colorful arm party bangles and my mood has elevated :)... Hoping to be up and running by Monday.. its always something with older cars. I tell ya...

Anywho, hope you all are having a great Friday and enjoyable weekend :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

In the Living Room... my room is not very presentable LOL

Wearing the booties for pics ONLY.. haha

First dusting of snow for December

What I Wore:
Sweater Dress - Express via Cross Roads Trading Thrift
Booties - Bakers Shoes (last year)
Jewelry - Random


  1. girl you look so sexy in that dress! ;)

  2. I would love if you would do a guest post for me relating fashion and design....

  3. Thank you Kasia...

    Tiff.. I'd be happy to do a guest post, just let me know when. I'd have to take a lil time to put something together.

  4. Cute!!! When I worked from home, you couldn't get me to put on clothes!! LOL! You are doing great! Love the colors of the accessories!

  5. Lol @ Ticka... Normally I don't get dressed when I'm home either, I needed a mood booster today and it helped break up my day getting dressed and posting the pics... Thanks girly.. :)

  6. The pink and black combination is hot!! I like it.

  7. Love it you look sooo pretty!

  8. Love the bangles!

    xo Ashleigh

  9. I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the color, the length, the shape are all perfect also your shoes rock! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  10. You look awesome in this.. maybe because its the Sweetface colors lol. Love the first pic, that smile is pricless!


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