Thursday, December 22, 2011

Video Haul ReLoaded...

Hey Guys

Ok So I have reloaded the videos. Here are Parts 1 -3 of the very first video I filmed. This has taken me a full two days to get it right LOL and uploaded to YouTube. You can view all of my videos from my YouTube tab  in the header bar.

I must warn you now, these are very Amatuer and I will be working on improving video quality and length.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel :), I will definently be making more OOTD videos and including my Thrift Store Hauls. Please also leave any comments and suggestions that you may have. If you have ideas or want to see a particular type of video, just let me know.
Thanks again for viewing and following my blog :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

Haul Video ~ Part 1
Haul Video ~ Part 2
Haul Video ~ Part 3
Hope you enjoy them.
Have a great one :)


  1. Hey Toni! The video won't play for me. =( I'm not sure if it's just my computer or what...

  2. The video didn't show up for me either!

  3. Aww really I was able to see/ view it from my Laptop :( I will re load it. Thanks for letting me know ladies:)


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