Thursday, December 15, 2011

In My Snakeskin

One day closer to the weekend Baby!! I can't wait.. I have some vacation time coming up and I plan to enjoy my STAYcation at home LOL.. Can't believe Christmas is so quickly approaching..but looking forward to spending time with the fam :)

Today's dress is the Super Chic and Affordable($14.95) Snakeskin print jersey dress from H&M. I'd had my eye on it for a while, and saw many others post on their blogs about this dress. I wish I would have gone to purchase it sooner, I missed out on the other colors and prints, but this is the one I really wanted so i'm Happy I found it in my size :)  I paired it with a fun floppy hat. I never wear hats but this one looks pretty and gives the dress the extra lil Umph!!! Wearing Over the Knee Boots to complete the look. Feeling Sassy and Sexy Today at work :)

Have a great day.

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What  I Wore:
Dress - H&M
Boots - Bakers Shoes
Hat - Old Navy


  1. I have that same dress and have yet to wear it but girl I love they way you added some SERIOUS "diva-ness and pizazz" to this look! Love it!


  2. @ Roni... I Know you have this dress.. I saw your H&M Haul.. we have very similar taste in clothing.. I have many of the same pieces I've seen in your haul videos :)... Look forward to see how you rock yours !! Thanks Diva :)

  3. You know you did it with this dress and boots!! FLY, FLY, FLY!! Love the pic collage as well.

  4. Thanks Teena ... :)

    @ Ticka... Thanks lady... I'm trying to add more pizazz to my blog, videos are my next project lol :)

  5. Uuuuuh, I love this dress - you are rocking it - I love it with the OTK Boots - nice!!!

  6. Oh man...that was a great buy! And you are definitely workin it! I love the boots too!

    Christmas did sneak up on us, didn't it?!?


  7. Ooooh, girl you betta werrrrk! I LOVE hats! I have the floppy hat in about 10 different colors. I hate that it is so conservative not only at my job but in OH in general. But whatev, if people are going to stare I may as well give em' something to stare at, LOL! BTW, I see you had your little Marilyn Monroe moment there at the end. Love it!


  8. @ Jersey Blogess .. Thanks lady :)

    @ Tavia they still have the dress in some stores :) and thank you :)

    @ khalilah ... Thanks Doll :) girl I wish I could wear the hat to work, that was for photo shoot purposes only lol.. I work in corporate America his print is pushing it enough, but oh we'll I'm rocking my clothes lol.. Thanks for all the lovely comments.. Much appreciated... Stopping by ur blog to see what u been rocking .:)


  10. I loooovvvee this look from head to toe!!!! Those boots are FIYAH!

  11. Love this dress, you look very glam with the boot and hat!

  12. I sooooooooooo wish I had an H & M near my town :( But this dress is hottttttttttttttt and u are working it with the boots and hat!!


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