Sunday, December 4, 2011

Faux Fur ~ Shorts ~ Tights...

Hope you all had a great weekend. I had fun this weekend. Met up with a friend to go bowling and have dinner. We had a bet who ever won the best of 3 games could pick their place to eat... I LOST.. luckily my friend is a very nice guy and I still got to choose where we ate :)...

Anywho...This is yesterday's outfit. I have seen others rock the shorts with tights look and didn't know if it was really my style or if I could pull if off. I decided to go ahead and give it go.. I got these shorts from Charlotte Russe off the clearance rack and also the Faux Fur coat last year for $5 each. I hadn't worn the coat yet but glad I did it was really warm and cozy... you will see it in more outfit posts to come ;)

What I Wore:

Faux Fur - Charlotte Russe (Last Year)
Sheer Top - SA Thrift
Shorts - Charlotte Russe (Clearance)
Boots- Bakers Shoes
Tights - TJ Maxx


  1. You have great legs! Love the booties. I think you pulled off this look just fine!! :)


  2. Thanks Cherrie.. i've checked out your posts and coming from you that is a TRUE compliment.. you have those Luscious Thighs and Knee Caps yourself :) lil Phaedra Parks humor from Real Housewives of ATL.. but you do have very pretty chocolate leggs too..

  3. love the coat is perfect great look


  4. You look awesome! The shorts are too cute and I love your coat as well! Nice styling!

  5. I really like the booties - I almost got them, but I was afraid how they would look on me - they look awesome on you because you have great legs.

  6. I love shorts & tights in the winter. I have never worn jean shorts with tights (they've always been wool or some other textile). I am going to try the jean shorts. Thanks for the idea! =o)



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