Friday, December 16, 2011

Casual Cargo ~ Friday!!!

It's Friday Yall.... Woooo Hoooo... i'm so glad this week is Ova! I don't have anything special planned but I will be catching up on some much needed SLEEP this weekend.

Tomorrow I was supposed to take my Sweetface Girls Ice Skating downtown Chicago at Millenium Park... we had to reschedule, but I think I may still go. I was really looking forward to it... even though I'm probably gonna Hug the Wall the entire time LOL..

What Fun Stuff do you have planned for the weekend?

Today i'm wearing Skinny Cargo's from Forever 21 i've had them for a while, with my Leopard Steve Madden Booties.. that I LOVE!! Simple outfit with pink turtle neck and suede jacket. Its getting really cold out and these light weight jackets will not do LOL, gonna have to great more creative with the outfit pics INDOORS...

Hope you all have a great day and relaxing weekend :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

My Shadow Is Posing in this pic.. LOL

What I Wore:
Jacket - Wilsons Leather (Old)
Turtleneck - The Limited (Old)
Cargo Pants - F21
Leopard Bootie - TJ Maxx (Steve Madden)



  2. I agree - those shoes are SICKKKKKKKKK! i love them!!!

  3. Cute cargo/casual look!

    I hear you about the pics. Outside is not my friend right now. For the weekend, I am doing some cleaning (family coming in town) and a little more shopping. It's going to be a hectic one.

    Have fun iceskating!!!

  4. lol ...@ Styles4Curves and @ Jersey Blogess... Thanks Chicas :)

    @ Ticka I know you know all to well about these freezing moments taking pics outside lol.. Have fun with the family coming in town .. :)

  5. amazing shoes...i just love them! kisses

  6. Love this look! Too cute! And those shoes, oh man!


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