Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Denim and Tweed

Hey Ladies... Happy Tuesday :)

It's officialy my Friday and I'm so excited.. I have some projects planned for my time off.. I will making my first Haul Video.. I have some goodies I've been saving to post/haul, I am also gonna rearrange my room and making plans for decorating my office. I dabble in interior design as well.. that's actually my first passion, I haven't been in the creative mode as of late but any time I have the opportunity to update or redesign my space, those creative juices get back to flowing. I will be posting some Design Ideas and Inpiration pics soon!! Thinking of creating a separate blog for my Design/Decor finds. I'm a bugetnista in all things.. whether is fashion, shoes, Home Decor... I always find a great bargin and Awesome finds.. so I will share these tidbits with all of you :)

On to todays outfit. I found this collarless tweed blazer at one of my fav thrift stores. I was drawn to the color and threading detail with the blue, yellow, green, white and orange threading. I paired it with a white tie neck blouse (I Know I wear them alot) LOL, and some flare denim jeans I picked up from TJ Maxx. 

Hope you are having a fantabulous Tuesday :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

(Sorry for the poor pic quality... working on my indoor settings)


What I Wore 
Blazer - B Thrifty $3
Blouse - B Thrifty $3
Jeans - TJ Maxx $ 10
Booties - Bakers Shoes (Old)


  1. I love this tweed blazer, it's perfect!

    xo Ashleigh


  2. This look is so sophisticated. The blazer is such a winner! $3...for real? Wow! BTW, don't ask me what I'll be doing over the break...not as much as you :-)


  3. Denim and Tweed is always a go - I love the boots - you look great hun.

  4. P.S. and seriously, we are going to have to go shopping together - I need to go where you go...wish you were in ATL.

  5. Thank you ladies :)

    @Jersey Blogess... I would love to go thrifting with you. Next time im in the ATL area i will send you a shout.. and set something up, I see you guys have great thrift stores there!! Thanks again lady :)

  6. Omg I love this outfit!! So simple, elegant and totally chic! That blazer is to die for.
    Also, I'm secretly hating on you big time for the prices you apparently paid for all this.

  7. honey those jeans fit you like a glove soo chic loving the top and the tweed jacket soo gorgeous love love love !!!

  8. Now you know you are working this outfit! Love the colors and how you set it off with the white blouse!


  9. Very Cute Outfit. Love the tweed jacket! Don't you love finding great deals at TJ Maxx?? Love it! Now following your blog :)


  10. This jacket is stylish and warm looking! I know you need that in the Chi!! Cute!
    E. Louise


  11. I want that jacket! So fab and u are filling out them jeans in the right places hunnii...

  12. That jacket is soooo cool! I love it! You look fabulous!

  13. Such a lovely jacket! Tweed is the best!


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