Thursday, March 15, 2012

Florida Bound.... :)

Good morning Dolls..

Just making a quickie OOTD post before I head to the airport to Sunny Florida :)))   As you can see my bags are packed and I'm ret to go haha.. I tried to NOT over pack but as usual I have way more clothes than I will wear in my 4 day stay in Florida.. but a girls gotta have options right.. I did manage to stick to my 6 pair of shoes rule.. not including my sandals and flip flops those are considered part of the swim fit LOL.. my logic works for me.. don't know about anyone else :)

I will be posting during my vacay, but using my Ipad/Iphone to take pics hope this works out.. if not plenty of pics will be posted on Sunday evening when I return home :)

Have a wonderful day Lovelies...

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

LOVE LOVE LOVE these color block wedges !!!

The weather is Absolutely Gorgeous this morning :)

What I Wore:
Tank - Walmart $3
Jeans - Levi - SA Thrift $4
Wedges - Discovery $19
Scarf as Belt - Discovery $5


  1. Overpacking is hard not to do for us fashionistas. LOL. You look casually chic! Just right to travel to sunny Florida. Have a safe and fun trip!


  2. You look like you're ready Ms Jet Setter! Enjoy yourself babes!!

  3. Hey lady!!! Thank you so much for all of your well wishes!!! I've missed my blogger chicas! FL!!!! So, lucky! I was cracking up at your shoe "logic", LOL! BTW, love those color block wedges and I love that hot pink on your complexion. Can we say caliente`?!?!? FL ain't ready. HMPH

    With Class and Sass,



  5. Have a safe trip and a great time in Florida!!! Luv the traveling look especially those color block wedges. I always have that issue to with packing...I end up not wearing half of my outfits I pack XD...but you right " a girl gotta have options"!!

  6. I love the look it's so casual chic...You look great! Have a safe trip & have fun!

  7. Gurrrrl, U R so dayyumm dedicated!!!!! If you don't get them bags and go enjoy that Florida SUNSHINE you better!!!! LMBO!!!!

    BTW, I LOVE those wedges.... *Have a safe & FUN trip*

  8. pink and white is a really lovely combo. They look gorgeous on you too. I like the scarf as a belt, very chic accessory. Happy holiday! Enjoy your self in sunny florida!


  9. Love the pink and white on you. You look so happy and ready for vacation. Have fun and take pics! :-)


  10. I did NOT expect those shoes to cost $19!! You are something else lol. I love them! Great look. I'm jealous..I wanna go on vacation.

    Be safe, God bless!


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