Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEW Items added to "SHOP MY CLOSET"

 Hey Ladies...
I have added more new items to my closet for sale. Click this link to view the items, prices and details on how to purchase!!

New items in sizes 8 - 16 and Med - XL are added weekly.



  1. I will be checking out your store/closet as soon as I finish catching up on reading my blogs – I see some things that are definitely EYE catching!!!! I hope they are still there by the time I RETURN because last time you SOLD out of MY floral pants! LOL!

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  3. Are any of the items posted above still available for purchase?

    1. Hey Karen actually the only item still available is the vintage sequin dress, everything else is sold. I will have to go through my simmer stuff to see if I may still have any of these other items, but I think most were sold. I have some other items I'm adding to my closet sale this week so do check back :)


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