Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Purple N Pink Floral

Happy Tuesday Lovely Ladies.....

I'm back to work today and it's gonna be a LONG day.. had to quickly download my pics and prepare this post. Hope you all are having a beautiful day :)

Today's outfit is a clearance find from H&M. I love the bold colors of Purple, Pink, Burgundy and Orange. Its light and flowy but paired with tights is warm and cozy enough for the increasing cold winter days here in the Chicago Area. 

Enjoy your day... and Happy New Year to You : )

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Coat - TJ Maxx (old)
Dress - H&M ($15 -Clearance)
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Bakers Shoes (Last Yr)
Random - Jewelry


  1. The bold and beautiful - sorry i have not commented on your post lately...I was away and am back now!! yayyyy - so good to be back and get in touch with fashion again - I was being wayyyy lazy while away and did not do my part in looking cute....lol you look fab hun - I love the dress!

  2. fab post! love the way you styled this look. that scarf bow is too cute!

    xo Ada


  3. Love the dress! Its so cutesy. I wish I saw this at H&M...I would've picked it up with the quickness! Love how you paired it with the shoes and the plum tights!


  4. wow you look amazing x


  5. How cute are you? Adoregasm!!! Those colors are so vibrant and haute.



  6. This look is so fabulous. I love how it all came together....HOT!


  7. all these colors together and awesome this dress is soo pretty.

    hey honey wanted to ask you how's shopping your closet going soo far?? i know it's only a couple days but still :)

  8. Pretty! I love the monochromatic colors.

  9. Thanks do much everyone, I adore color and try to always incorporate it some way during the winter months, it elevates my mood when the weather is wooo cold and dreary all the time.

    @ Jeimy shopping my closet will be pretty easy, I've pulled some outfits to wear and I'm looking forward to showing you all that using what you already have can be fun and creative :). Thanks for asking :)

  10. You look adorable!!!

  11. Cute dress! I have the hardest time finding items that fit me from H&M. SMH. Love the way you styled that scarf!

  12. You always look amazing, I really enjoy your blog...Diane

  13. I am jealous of all your inexpensive finds!! I mean, I love H&M and it's already pretty cheap, but you seem to find all the cute things for even cheaper!! :)
    P.s. That coat and the way you styled the little bow look SO amazing. That is right up my style alley!

  14. @ Alela.. Thanks so much :)

    @ Mz Fashion Pad.. I don't see why you woulnd't be able to fit H&M clothing.. if I can.. you most certainly should be able to :).. Thanks Doll

    @ Roni... Aww don't be jealous..I happen to get lucky, but my first stop in any store is always the clearance rack :), normally I can't find my size and all the smaller sizes are there. Thanks for the nice comments :).. and I learned the scarf bow trick on Youtube.. Gotta Luv YouTube :)

  15. @ Diane.. Thank you for stopping by and i'm honored you enjoy my blog :)

  16. I love this dress: the cut and colors are AMAZING and the tights are a perfect match. I enjoy following you!

  17. I can't believe you got that dress for $15 dollar--what a great buy! Love how you style it and the bow details!


  18. @ Carte Blanche.. Thanks Hun :) I am honored and am also following you

    @ J'Adore thank you :)... And the dress is currently on clearance you may still find it :)

  19. Nice! I especially like how the scarf is tied :)

  20. I love your colors and you have the best tight collection!


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