Monday, January 2, 2012

Burrrr... Baby It's Cold Outside...

Burrr... It's a COLD start to the New Year.. today is my last day off, going back to work tomorrow. I'm a little by staying up late and sleeping in for the past week and a half LOL, but I will be up bright and early to head to work tomorrow.

With this new year and new beginnings i've set some new goals for myself personally, financially and physically.

Some of my goals for 2012 include:
1. Continuing to enhance and grow my blog.
2. Decrease spending and save by shopping from my closet and only thrift shopping for clothing 2 times a month.
3. Creating a budget plan and sticking to it.
4. Exercising at least 4 days a week.
5. Eating Healthier and Losing 25 pounds. 
6. Stepping outside of my comfort zone by networking and meeting new people.
7.  Being open to Love.

These are just a few goals from my vision board for 2012. 

Do you set new goals, create vision boards or make resolutions?

Here are pics from what I wore today to run errands exchange some items at the mall.

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~


  1. Happy New Year! Cute outfit; it is very similar to what I wore today to do the same thing (run errands/make exchanges). I read your goal list for 2012 and see we have numbers 1-5 in common. I guess great minds think alike! Again, cute outfit.

  2. I love your outfit. The color that jacket and the print of your shirt compliment each other well. Ummm, I saw plenty of shoes I could gladly take off your hands too, LOL! If you want any tips or suggestions for the healthy eating and workout regime I am more than willing to help. I workout religously and try to eat healthy. Happy New Year chickadee!


  3. Happy New Year Carte Blanch, thanks for the nice comment :) Glad we have some of the same goals, makes it easier to accomplish knowing I'm not the only one :)

    Khaliliah... Thanks lady! And yes please do email me some healthy eating and work out tips, I'm going back to the gym officially tomorrow, re- opened my membership and ready to get rid of my gutt lol!

  4. I am loving your style! And that hair!!! LOL, I just love it! Gorgeous!


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