Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goal... "Shop My Closet"

Goal: To spend LESS and Only Thrift Shop 2 Times a Month $ 50 budget!!!

I spent a few hours today organizing my closet to see what I don't need, and HOW MUCH ish I actually have LOL. I have been shopping like crazy the past few months, both thrifting and regular retail shopping. I'm single, no children (well two pet children) and recently lost a source of attitional financial support when my mother moved to her own place this past weekend.

So I decided that I have MORE than enough new, used and rarily worn items that I have yet to wear and I need to really take action and curb my shopping/spending on clothing and shoes.

So in order to do this getting my closet together was a must!!  I am a very visually organized person. I need to see things in order to be able to have a clear perspective. After removing items that I plan to send to goodwill, items to sell to Plato's Closet or Crossroads Trading I discoverd a closet still FULL of items that I almost had forgetten I had, which is really just terrible and borderline "needing some serious HELP" LBVS!!

If you also have a goal of "Saving Money by Shopping Your Closet" please speak out and lets support one another :)

This is what my ORGANIZED Shoe Room and Closet now look like :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

Converted Bookcase into Shoe Storage
Some of my fav shoes

Tall Boots
Items I'm Planning to Wear This Month
Putting Outfits together helps me to get dressed quickly
Organized my Shoes and Pulled Out some I didn't wear to Sell or Donate

Large Handbags and Rest of my shoes

Jackets, Coats and Some Blazers

Sweaters and Denim Shorts on the Bottom
Blouses at the Top and Skirts and Shorts at the Bottom

Random Folded Tops, Dresses and Sweaters

More Folded Tops

Dresses..Sorta Organized by Color

This part of the closet goes back pretty deep...
Blazers with more Dresses and Pants

Folded Button Down Shirts and Blouses

Dresses and Pants included with the Blazers
Folded Denim, Skirts and Slacks

Full Lenth of the Denim shelf
I think  KNOW.. I have MORE than enough to last me for a few months without purchasing anythng else, but to slowly ween myself i'm gonna limit my shopping to $25 every two weeks just to thrift shop, it's my therapy LOL.

Please if you have any tips or suggestions for how you save and shop you closet... do share :)


  1. girl first you have to see it as being soo blessed you have soo much clothes omg! you're like me and I think I wanna go with you on this "shop your closet" cause there was a few months that I was thrifting soo much and now that I have gone down in size they new old clothes I bought I cant wear and it just seems like a waste of money once I get back from Japan Im gonna re organize my closet and check again what fits what doesnt and revamp my closet with the things that really work for me now and work with what I got for a while and in the long run it will help me with budgeting and saving money

    let me now how you do



  2. I support you Jeimy :)... You can try selling or donating items that don't fit or work for you, and you are looking fabulous, I'm working on getting back into the gym this week going back after a month off... I hope to have the problem of clothing being to big soon! Have a great time in Japan and safe travels home :)

  3. Wow! Now thats a shoe collection! Awesome stuff!


  4. Love your shoe collection!! Xo

  5. Girl you have shoes and clothes for days!!! You are so blessed! Oh my!!


  6. OMG how much clothes do you have? I am amazed.

  7. this is great! I am in the process of doing the same!!! I love how you have your shoes.

  8. OMG! I am glad that there are others out there like me. LOL! You have your wares organized very nicely though. I am currently in the process of organizing a fashion clothing swap (for next month). I will be taking a lot of things from my closet that I no longer fit or wear (or shouldn't be wearing O_o). Just a thought. =o)


  9. thanks for the comments and support Ladies :)

    @ Khalilah... A clothing swap is a good idea.. I think i will set one up amound some friends, we all are various sizes with different styles etc, but It could be a lot of fun.. Coctails and Clothes Swap.. Hmmmm LOL

  10. Awesome, wish I had this much space!

  11. I just cleaned out and organized my closet too! After doing that, I realized I have more to wear than I thought and I have choices to be creative thanks to your blog and some others.

    Happy New Year!

  12. @ Mz More... girl it's probably a blessing that you don't LOL.. the shopping has gotten out of hand for me..

    @ Anonymous.. I'm glad I could be a inspiration for you to get your closet in order, isn't it amazing what you find that you have completely forgotten about!! I'm excited to shop my own closet and put new/creative outfits together. Thanks for the nice comments :)

  13. I'm in agreement re: "let's support each other." I am planning to wear EVERYTHING that I own this year (although there might not be enough days in the year - lol!). I will look to your blog for inspiration and am hoping you'll do the same once mine is fully operational. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  14. @ Carte Blanche... YES.. I will need support to keep myself out the malls LOL.. thrifting twice a month should help satisfy my shopping addiction :) Look forward to seeing your outfit posts when you get your page up and running!! I already followed ya.. thanks for looking to me as a source of inspiration :)

  15. I'm gonna come "Shop Your Closet"! LOL....

  16. I am doing the same OMGGGGGGGGGGGG my shoe collection was just like that but I made a lot of money by selling them to cosignment shops and I still have three boxes to donate smdh.......problem is now that I have extra space I want new shoes......pleaseeeeee let's help each other I have a PROBLEMMMMMMMM lolllllll

  17. @Pretty: Great/Thanks!
    @Style4Curves: LOL! You sound like me...I'm dreaming of the day when I'm just satisfied with what I have. LOL!

  18. @ Angie... Girl u need to come up and go thrifting with me!!

    @ Style4curves... Girl I did sell some shoes, can't you tell lol.. I been doing that for a while now, I love consignment and Platos Closet and Crossroads Trading have made a nice bit of change lol, it's the best way to recycle and also trade for new/ used items, I fell in love with that before I got hip to thrifting!

  19. OMG I wish I could have all your shoes! I love them!!

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