Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Vintage Dresses... Feeling Like Such A Lady

I was home all day (Saturday)  today not feeling well.. but after laying in bed watching Lifetime movies all day.. I got bored and decided to take some pics in a few dresses i've thrifted and have yet to wear.  They are all Vintage "Lady Like" dresses.. but styled the right way.. they can be just as sexy and modern as dresses found at the mall today.

Hope you enjoy them :)
** You can view the video by clicking my YouTube Link Above**
~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

This was less than $.25 .. part of All You Can Fit In A Bag for $1

Belt from BCBG, Jewelry Random

One of my First Thrift Purchases from SA

Belt from SA, Jewelry Random

Love the pattern and color of this dress... only $1.50

Color Blocking... This is one of my Fav's.. SA Find $3

SA Find.. I had to try this one on.. before it won me over..

I loved this green dress for it's color alone..

Royal Blue... Love the color.. and only $1.50

Pretty Polka Dots.. nuff said..


  1. Love the dresses!! My fave is the tan one. I love how you accessorized with purple! I really need to get my thrift game up =D

  2. loving all the dresss wow my favorite is the tan one for sure

  3. Thanks Jeimy... The tan is my Fav too :)

  4. WOW.. Love the modern twists you've added with each. Dresses just do something for women!

  5. Thanks for the supportive comments Teena :)... yes I love Dresses.. they make you feel Grown N Sexy lol..

  6. OMG!!!!!! such great finds i luv all of them

  7. Ur youtube is not working? You look amazing in the brown and the red dress btw. But u look great in all of them 2bhonest. x


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