Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Almost Monday....

Where or where does the time go... weekends pass by so quickly...  But it's been a very enjoyable Sunday.. I attended church with my BFF Teena (The Gorgeous Dork). The message was a blessing and I left encouraged and Full of the Word... After we had made lunch plans at Red Lobster.. we'd been drooling over the thought of going all week and couldn't wait to get there LOL..  It was nice to eat, talk and have some girlfriend time. We have to connect more often :)

I did take a few outfit pics before leaving for service... Found this Heather Gray Pencil skirt and Lavendar/White floral print blouse to wear with my Fav gray leather boots. It was pretty nice out mid 60's so I didn't need tights just a light jacket.

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon/evening.

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

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What I Wore:
Jacket - Banana Republic (Old)
Blouse - SA Thrift
Skirt - SA Thrift
Boots - Bakers Shoes


  1. Just came across your it! and i love love your pencil fab!

  2. Thank you Mrs Pancakes.. glad you stopped by :)

  3. You were fierce mama! Had a ball, the food and convo were great. We definitely need to do it more often. Love ya !


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