Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Pencil.....

Today starts off the November Challenge Week of Skirts... (Nov 8th - Nov 11th)

I chose this Red pencil skirt... it was one of the first items I thrifted way back in September LOL.. that seems like so long ago.. as I have become a thrifting pro hahaha..  Actually I get lucky every time I go thrifting... finding some great pieces and just about everything i'm looking for :)..

This Red Lady  ~ Skirt is from the Salvation Army... paired with a cute sweater I also thrifted from SA... I love the puffy sleeve detail and the three pearls on the left side...I feel like a "MAD Woman" from the 60's... with my slim fitting pencil skirt and dainty sweater.  I also added a little animal print with my zebra skinny belt. I was gonna wear my matching Zebra print shoes.. but its raining out today :((.....so I substituted black boots.

Stay warm and dry....

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

 What I Wore:
Sweater - SA Thrift
Skirt - SA Thrift
Belt - Bakers Shoes
Boots - Nine West
Jewelry - Random


  1. Love the look!! Very sleek & classy! I alos love the dash of print that the belt gives. I can't wait to get home to take pics and upload my skirt challenge outfit. Be on the look out!

  2. You styled this outfit perfect! I especially love the addition of the zebra print belt at the waist. HAUTE!


  3. Heyyy Ticka... Thanks girly!! I will be on the look out for your Skirt post later :)

    Hey Ms Fashion Pad... thanks hun...come and join us in our Sexy skirt / November Style Challenge :)

  4. Very sassy, sexy. Perfect after work outing outfit! keep us inspired!

  5. Post is up! I have a link to your page as well! Thanks for opening the challenge up to include others!

  6. loving the pop of reds here and there xoxo

  7. Love the way that the bangles and belt are playing off each other.


  8. Thank you Haute Wife... That was the look I was going for! You caught that :)


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~ Pretty Dark Girl~