Thursday, November 17, 2011

Floral ~ N ~ Flare....

Happy Thursday Lovely People...

If you haven't to been to Old Navy recently... get there!!! They have a great clearance sale going on right now.. I got these Fab Flare Jeans on clearance for $8... and the floral button down for $3!!  I get excited when I find items i've been looking for and can wear right now on clearance.   My entire outfit today is less than $20.. including this Tweed Trench from the Salvation Army was only $5...

When you can shop on the Cheap like this.. it makes it Extremely difficult to pay regular price at the mall.. IJS... Thrifting Is Where It's At People!!! .... LOL

Almost Friday.. can't wait.. i'm going to see Twilight this weekend... Woo Hoo..

Enjoy your day :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

That 70's Chic..

Aren't These Fab... Loving Flare Jeans

I Love the Orange Lining

What I Wore:
Tweed Coat - SA Thrift $5
Shirt - Old Navy $3
Jeans - Old Navy (Also in Black, Dark Rinse and Stone Wash) $8
Belt - SA Thrift $4
Boots - Journey Shoes (Old)
Jewelry - Random


  1. I love this 70's inspired outfit. I need me a good pair of Bell Bottom jeans myself. You worked it.

    7eventh Letter

  2. Thanks Lady :)... get over to Old Navy and pick up some .. I got them in every color LOL..

  3. How much do you charge to style people? If you do not do that, when you start I will be your experimental project!

  4. Tiffany you know that may just be my side hustle lol...

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  6. Looking mighty fly Woman! Love it!

  7. OMG you look soooo fab woman!!! Thanks for the tip I hightailing it down to my Old Navy ASAP! I haven't been in a while.

  8. You are Falll ready!!! LOOOVVEEE the chicness!!

  9. I love the jeans and top!! You found great pieces at Old Navy for great prices!! Great post :)


  10. That coat is killer! It is truly hard to return to retail when you find such great clothes while thrifting!


  11. Timmi I almost get mad when I go to a store and have to pay full price lol ... If I can't find it a the thrift store I don't really need it hahaha... :)


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