Saturday, November 12, 2011

Newest Thrift Finds...

Happy Saturday Everyone...

I've been out and about most of today.. Didn't have time for a outfit post, between running errands today I stopped at my local thrift Salvation Army thrift stores... I am super excited because I found some items i've been looking for:

1. Tweed Blazer with Patches on the elbow
2. Fushia/Hot Pink Crop Slacks
3. Red Slacks

Everything else was just a bonus... LOL.. Here are the items I picked up :))

Found MORE... Pussy Bow Blouses.. Purple, Teal/Turquoise and Cream

This Creamy Leather Jacket was only $2... YEAHHH!!!

This Purple Crepe Skirt.. I plan to wear as a Tube Dress

These Red Slacks.. they have piping down the side.. gives them a  Tuxedo Pant feel

I LOVE the color of these Fushia/HOT Pink Crop Slacks... they are gonna make for a great COLOR BLOCK outfit

Yayy.. Found my Tweed Blazer with Elbow Patches...

This is what I call 'Ugly Cute" LOL.. with the right accessories.. "Wide Belt, Bangles, Wedge or Platform Sandles"
This is gonna be HOTTT...

Found some cute Clutch purses

OK.. This is a throwback to the 80's ... but I loved the color and I think I can Pull it Off!!

Cute Purple/Black Print Express Wrap Dress...


  1. I want that dress! lol Cute stuff chica!

  2. Thanks Jeimy :)

    Ahaaa Teena I Knew you would like the. " Ugly Cute" dress :)

  3. These are some awesome finds. Loving the pink trousers, blazer, jumpsuit, wrap dress.....HAUTE!

  4. What great finds!! You did an awesome job! I didn't get to thrift like I wanted to yesterday, but I will this week. I need to get some things for this weeks challenge!! lol

  5. Thanks ladies... Enjoy ur Sunday.. look forward to seeing ur posts this week :)

  6. This is from the Salvation Army? R u sure they didn't knw u were coming?! I love them! And I'm goin to start looking there also, thanks and great blog!

  7. LOL at BT... yep I think the SA knows me by now as much as I'm in there! I always find something unique and fab when I go.. I frequent three different SA's and a couple different Goodwill stores... Never know what treasure u will discover :)

  8. Pass everything over and nobody gets hurt LOL!

    Wow, I never have hauls like these!!! Can't wait to see them on you!

  9. Ahahaaa Candyce... I'm hiding all my goods from u lol.. Thanks girl I can't wait to style these new additions.. looks coming soon :)

  10. i luv the pussybow blouses great finds


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