Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Purple ~ N ~ Black Zebra....

Tuesday's are the day I have early morning meetings.. and i'm usually running late to get myself together, take outfit pics, and make it to work ON TIME.. haha...

Day 2 - Style Challenge ~ Wear a Dress...

I'm wearing my Black/Purple Zebra print wrap dress I thrifted over the weekend.. It was the quickest, easiest thing to put on this morning as I was rushing to get ready :).  Paired it with simple accessories.. thigh high boots and was gonna wear the hat pictured, but that would have been to much for today. I am new to hats, but i think this one looks pretty cute.. another day, another outfit.

Have a great Tuesday :)

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

What I Wore:
Dress - Express (via SA Thrift)
Boots - Nine West (Old)
Trench - Kenneth Cole (TJ Maxx)


  1. Very pretty dress find! And I really like the thigh high boots!

    I just can't do the challenge this week. A sista is COLD! lol! I shouldn't have a problem with next weeks challenge though. Gotta get some pretty colors to get my color block on!

  2. Hey Ticka... Girl trust me I know.. I almost didn't wear a dress myself today.. LOL.. This challenge is just meant to be fun... Not life threatening haha.. Warmth comes first. Can't wait to see what you put together next week... I'm excited to color block also.. Never done it.

  3. that trench is fierrrcee!!!!


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