Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pink Lady....

Burrrrr... It's cold outside today!!!

Ok I gotta a confession.. i'm bored with the style challenge LOL.. I just don't feel like wearing a dress anymore this week AND it's friggin cold man... plus I have so many outfits I can't wait to wear :) .. plenty Dresses, Skirts, Color Blocking, Mixed Prints, Winter Brights etc.. are coming up!!  I get bored easily.. lol..

Anywho... today I'm wearing this Fabo Pink Trench Coat i've had for a few years now.. I don't wear it often,.. and today I wanted to pair it with this gorgeous Black Leather Pencil Skirt and Sheer Polka Dot blouse. 

Hope you are staying warm and have a fantabulous day!!!

~ Pretty Dark Girl ~

Peppy wanted to be in the pic :)

What I Wore:
Pink Trench - Banana Republic (Old)
Blouse - H&M
Leather Skirt - SA Thrift
Shoes - Bakers Shors
Belt - The Limited
Jewelry - Random


  1. First and foremost, that pink coat is adorable!! Secondly, how funny is it that I wore a dress today, and it's the same day that you didn't. LOL!! I was gonna jump in with the few pics that I was able to get this morning. Love the look though. Polka dots is where it's at!

  2. Awwww I'm sorry girl... I thought u weren't wearing dresses lol.. I can't stick to it this week but I'm glad u joined me :) there are so many options... Will be checking to see what u rocked :)

  3. Love the leather, can't stand the cold weather. Your polka dot top is too cute. Is the cream apart of the skirt or is it a belt that you added?

  4. Thanks Timmi..,..The belt I'm wearing has cream in it.

  5. Love this look. So chic and elegant. That pink coat is to die for.

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  6. I think this may be my all time fav... LOVE!


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